The Vandelays- 'A New Day'
Produced by Ben Johnson at Wavelength Productions
Released 1/31/04 | Cover by Ben Johnson | Art by Karen Aune

The Vandelays- 'A New Day'
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The Vandelays formed in 2003 out of the remnants of the defunct band Onomatopoeia. Original Onomatopoeia guitarist Mike Kratochwill returned after a brief hiatus from music to collaborate with former band mates Matt Krueger (drums) and Ben Johnson (bass) and a new face- keyboardist R.P. Henderson. Matt wrote a number of songs that year and as a team, The Vandelays arranged and recorded them and put out their debut release 'A New Day'. Work on the second album began immediately after its release. Everything was written and recorded and 'in the can' when the band dissolved unexpectedly. That record would have to wait some time to see light of day.

RP Henderson- keys
Mike Kratochwill- guitars
Matt Krueger- vocals, drums, mandolin
Ben Johnson- bass, keys, guitars

With special guests:
Jay Sachtjen-
Karol Niemann- vocals
Matt Amati- banjo

The Vandelays

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The Vandelays- 'A New Day'