BEEFUS- 'Busted Teeth Fandango'
Produced by Ben Johnson at Wavelength Productions
Released 8/17/18 | Cover by Beefy and Meaty

BEEFUS- 'Busted Teeth Fandango'

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Banned from the Grand Ole Opry and A Prairie Home Companion, BEEFGRASS is more than your fuzzy pals Beefus dressed in overalls. It's got banjos, mandos, and washboards, but BEEFGRASS ain't your Pappy's feel-good honky-tonk. And it ain't your Mammy's tender mountain ballads. It's darker, it's weirder, it growls and howls and tears up the sack of hog feed. It chases you through the corn with its idiot grin. It did something to your cousin in back of the barn. The new CD in Beefus' BEEFGRASS mode is called "BUSTED TEETH FANDANGO." It weaves a harrowing rural world of cow-spermings, pig stabs, goat garrottings, hazy June nights under the Corn Molester. It's the twang of a Zither under the Harvest Moon, when the Grain Satan dances bloodstreaked in the Furrows, it's the Blatt of a Bladderhorn that gets the feathery flocks alarmed and defecating. To make these sounds, the boys n girls of BEEFUS developed unsettling 1000-yard stares, shocks of sun-blarched red hair, and an urge to kill and taste human meat.

Beefus- banjo, lap guitar, lead vocals
Meatslayer- bass, vocals (lead on 'The Whiskey Tastes Like Tardigrades')
U-Tip- drums, Yamaha DTX-Multi 12, harmonica
Nathan B. Gosh- mandolin, vocals
Tardmar- keyboards, talkbox, vocoder, vocals (lead on 'Latrine' & 'Dog Food (But For People)')
Lizardus- guitar, dobro, trombone, vocals
Smiley Virus- Rihanna washboard, percussion, vocals
Rebecca Nebula- lead vocals on 'Cheap Smokes'