BEEFUS- 'Can't Find The Milk'
Produced by Ben Johnson at Wavelength Productions
Released 1/25/14 | Cover by Smiley Virus

BEEFUS- 'Can't Find The Milk'

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Has someone recently let your dog out? Is your laptop out of juice? Are you cold? Are you saying to yourself I CAN’T FIND THE MILK? We diagnose you: a dying life-form adrift on a dust speck at the edge of a boring galaxy. There can only be one source of joyful nutritive influx for your tiny tangle of pleasure cells. You must turn on your 32-dimensional seeping Glurk gland and SEE BEYOND! And CAN’T FIND THE MILK is your fitness regimen, your Tijuana Bible, your prayer scroll. Let the Beast come down. Heed the Monkey's Paw. Find...Your...MILK!

Beefus- electric banjo, lead vocals
Meatslayer- bass, percussion, keyboards, vocals
U-Tip- drums, percussion, flex-a-tone, yells
Nathan B. Gosh- electric mandolin, vocals
Tardmar- keyboards
Lizardus- trombone
Smiley Virus- vocals, flex-a-tone on 'Fun Nun'
Rebecca Nebula- lead vocals on 'Bad Mama Jama'