BEEFUS- 'Wrong Number of Heads'
Produced by Ben Johnson at Wavelength Productions
Released 3/22/16 | Cover by Beefy, Meaty, and Smiley

BEEFUS- 'Wrong Number of Heads'

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Now it can be told! Fake news, conspiracy theories, alien abductions, lizard Founding Fathers, time-traveling Baby Hitler...all connected in a feverish history-spanning epic by BEEFUS! Baby Hitler learns to travel in time by sniffing his soiled nappies, Lizard Ben Franklin teaches apes to use tools, the Grey Aliens kidnap and probe world leaders, and the FBI chases perverts through biblical landscapes. Got Nothing to Fuck? In the market for a Nut Button? Going down the Slopslide? Learn the Truth here! Wheels within wheels within wheels, my friends!

Beefus- lead vocals, electric banjo, sound design
Meatslayer- bass, vocals (lead on 'Fuck Those Motherfuckers'), sound design
U "Eyes of Wapner" Tip- drums, yells, judge face
Nathan B. Gosh- electric mandolin, vocals (lead on 'Nothing to Fuck')
Tardmar- keys, synths, Hammond, Moog, tarang banjo, melodica, Theremin, vocals (lead on 'Slopslide' & 'Nut Button'), sound design
Lizardus- lonesome trombone, bells, Theremin, vocals
Smiley Virus- percussion, vocals, interdimensional ocarina
Harrissimo- vocals (lead on 'Hitler, Baby' & 'Nymphomaniac'), Rhodes