BEEFUS- 'Daddy Slap Chop and the Santa Gland'
Produced by Ben Johnson at Wavelength Productions
Released 3/29/14 | Cover by Beefy and Meaty

BEEFUS- 'Daddy Slap Chop and The Santa Gland'

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Now it can be told: the horrific true tale of the First Christmas, and the loathesome mutations and greasy sexual kinkology of Daddy Slap Chop, later known by the Tex Mex moniker of Santa Claus. Originally broadcast live on WORT FM, Madison, this radio opera lays it all bare...jingle bells, organs, irradiated meat.

Beefus- lead vocals, bells, narrator, 'Leaders of the World'
Meatslayer- bass, human beat box, vocals (lead on 'Xmas at Ground Zero'), 'Elf'
U-Tip- drums, flex-a-tone, 'Lady Shake Weight/Mrs. Claus'
Nathan B. Gosh- electric mandolin, vocals, 'Elf'
Tardmar- Moog, samples, melodica, vocals (lead on 'I Saw Your Mama' & 'Abortion for Xmas'), 'Elf'
Lizardus- trombone, vocals, 'Elf'
Harrissimo- vocals (lead on 'What's Happening To My Body?' & 'Party With Santa'), tambourine, 'Daddy Slap Chop/Santa Claus'