BEEFUS- 'Santa Can't'
Produced by Meatslayer and Beefus at Wavelength Productions
Released 12/18/20 | Cover by Beefus

BEEFUS- 'Santa Can't'

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The 8th Annual BEEFUS Holiday Radio Spectacular! This year, we present SANTA CAN'T, the suspenseful tale of Santa Claus and his Problematic Posterior! All-original songs and story. A full libretto is included with download from Bandcamp.

Beefus- vocals, keys, sound f/x, written word, Uncle Irving
Meatslayer- vocals, bass, guitars, keys, drum wrangler, engineering, Dr. Bowliver Twist
Nathan B. Gosh- electric and acoustic mandolins, Sphinky the Elf
Tardmar- vocals, keys, mandolin, sound f/x, Krinkles the Elf
Lizardus- trombone, euphonium, slide guitar, vocals, Dr. Von Sauerkraut, Shart the Elf
Slick Meatwood- drums, Announcer
Smiley Virus- vocals, Virginia Tindermoof, Krapple the Elf
Brania- General Bocephus Lockjaw, Plop the Elf
Harrissimo- vocals, Santa Claus