BEEFUS- 'Manpanzee'
Produced by Ben Johnson at Wavelength Productions
Released 1/1/07 | Cover by Beefus

BEEFUS- 'Manpanzee'

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Way back in a bygone decade, brainless drunken escapees from the monkey lab spat out MANPANZEE, the first album to bear the dread name BEEFUS. Recorded on a small tape recorder, in a dirty basement, as Sy Snoodles twisted knobs and Slowpoke spilled his swill, this captures the rough unpolished first squirmings of they who would grow hairy, mad, and strong.

Beefus- electric banjo, lead vocals
Meatslayer- bass, vocals
U-Tip- drums
Nathan B. Gosh- electric mandolin, vocals
Shredz Kratcher- electric guitar
Slowpoke Rodriguez- electric mandolin, drink spiller
Dr. Snize Snoodles- knob twister